questions and the "whys" of life

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."  -Thurston

There are some questions we will never get the answers to until we reach the other side.  Some things will just never make sense while we're here.  Life burns but it's happy too.  When I was younger I expected life to roll out exactly as I expected.  Woah.. was I wrong.  Things never go as you expect.  I was supposed to be fulfilling my "big" life purpose traveling the world, working an amazing job that I loved.. ect.  It's hard to accept years of seeming emptiness.  But here's something I've learned:  Nothing is ever wasted.  Even if our only response to things is "why?" uttered from the deepest longings and aching of our souls.

It will all make sense someday.  Even if that someday is when we reach the other side.


All I know

{ All I know
is I still don't know a lot

I don't know how it ends
I'm in the middle of this plot

But I found grace
for who I'm not

I found out
the day I lost myself
was the day that I found God }

Jon Foreman, Where the Light Shines Through

Life is so strange.. sometimes I look back and wonder at how life is so random and how things can change so quickly without me even realizing it.  It's weird and sad and wonderful and bittersweet and aching all at once.  Sometimes, I wish I could roll back the years and be that kid again--- the one who didn't have a care in the world.



"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.  
They went out and happened to things."  

Leonardo Da Vinci


Path of Life

"Thou wilt shew me the path of life.  In Thy presence is fullness of joy; 
at Thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore."  Psalms 16:11



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"The seasons change and you change, but the Lord abides evermore the same, and the streams of His love are as deep, as broad, and as full as ever." Charles Spurgeon

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