never have I ever

Never Have I Ever is a blog link up hosted by In Its Time blog.  I found it through a mutual blogger & thought it seemed like a fun idea .

So. Here are my answers.

Never Have I ..

Been on a plane.  Nope. I've never stepped on the proverbial machine that flies thousands of feet above our heads. 

Been to another country. You may have been able to ascertain that from by previous answer.  Well..., I could roadtrip to Canada.. or Mexico for that matter!

Had a cup of coffee. While some people may feel death looming if their morning coffee time is  skipped, I have never liked the stuff & have never had a  full cup of the black grossness.  I love the smell of it though.

Grown up. I'm serious. I'm still a kid.

Gotten a ticket. I'm still wondering how I get away with this one. I've passed a cop going 70mph on a 55 & he just kept on his merrily little way without even giving me a blink. (For the record, I went the speed limit the rest of the way home).

Written a New York Time's Bestseller. Guys, I'm so behind the times.

Broken a bone. I've had my share of sprains & jams and twists. But never enough to crack  my invincible bones. I'm steel, people.

Ran a 5k or a race of any sort. & you better not ask me to either. I'll sit you down with a dozen donuts & set you straight.

Okay, now it's your turn. Just make sure & link up with the In Its Time blog!


  1. you've never had a coffee?? even a single sip? i don't know how you do that. haha. gee, i've never run a 5K too, and don't think that i ever will. i also never have broken a bone. and i hope it stays that way. the thought of it scares me already

  2. Gurrrrrrrrl, I need to getcha a frappee! ;)
    Love this.


  3. I don't like coffee either! It's just not very good. And no broken bones for me! Good job us. I have flown a fair number of times, though.

  4. Hooray for a fellow non-coffee drinker (sooo glad I'm not alone in this!). I also haven't gotten a ticket, left the country, broken a bone, or done an official 5K. Sounds like we have lots in common!

    Thanks for linking up!


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