lazy, quiet town

you know I wonder all the time what it would be like to live in a big city. I've come to the conclusion that while city life sounds appealing and exciting, there's just something about small town america where everyone knows everybody and the streets are rarely clogged and people are not rushing about to and fro but are actually living life slowly and quietly and... this will not sound pretty or picturesque- where the main attraction for everyone is either walmart or our downtown shops.
 It's quiet here, nothing too important really ever happens.  most people would probably want to leave this town as soon as they step foot into it. we don't have incredibly amazing restraunts, or a mall or, get this, even a movie theater. but delivering flowers everyday to all different kinds of people ( I work at a  flowershop) really opens your eyes to the heart of this town and the people and what life is really all about.

I could word this really picturesque and say that I work at a quaint flowershop in a small quaint town in America (for quaint it really is)... and honestly, I do.

   ^ the back door to the flowershop I work at.


  1. So very lovely (the words and pictures). :)

  2. this is so, so lovely. <3 xx

  3. I love plants and working at a flower shop seems like a wonderful job! while I live somewhat close to the downtown core of a large city I do have to say that smaller, more neighbourhood areas have that distinctive charm/easygoing feel. I do prefer a mix of both though, haha :)


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