"The morning! The morning!"

'His face flushed with a new light. A fern, thirty yards behind him, turned golden. The eastern side of every tree-trunk grew bright. Shadows deepened. All the time there had been bird noises, trillings chatterings, and the like; but now suddenly the full chorus was poured from every branch; cocks were crowing, there was music from hounds, and horns; above all this ten thousand tongues of men and woodland angels and the wood itself sang. "It comes! It comes!" they sang. "Sleepers awake! It comes, it comes, it comes." One dreadful glance over my shoulder I essayed-not long enough to see (or did I see?) the rim of the sunrise that shoots Time dead with golden arrows and puts to flight all phantasmal shapes. Screaming, I buried my face in the folds of my Teacher's robe. "The morning! The morning!" I cried, "I am caught by the morning and I am a ghost!" ' -C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce.


  1. mm, yes. :) love this. that picture is swoon worthy, and C.S. Lewis is always a favorite. x


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