you know those times when you were a child,
how you would dream and whimsically plan out your future?
you'd dream of growing up and traveling to foreign places
you'd dream about one day meeting prince charming
you'd dream of life without school
you'd dream of changing the world...

sometimes I miss being a child.
the days where I could simply sit and dream
and sometimes cry
with the childish longing to be "grown up".

and sometimes I miss the simpleness of being a child.
of living life fully with no problems or burdens.

sometimes I watch my two nieces
the way they laugh so freely and play so innocently
and I ache inwardly
as memories of my childhood flood my mind
the oh so simple days
of wandering freely into the woods
of writing ridiculous books
of sitting on hay bales
and breathing in country winds
and playing with my bonny pup Sam
and dreaming of all the supposed adventures I'd one day take
and, oh... all those happy things you'd do as a child.

and sometimes..
all I want to do is melt away the few years and go back
back to being that innocent child..
who dreamt of being "grown up".


  1. oh yes! i wish i still have even half of my childhood eagerness and energy. everyday is an adventure. we didn't realise how big the power we had when were kids, did we?

  2. I was thinking the same thing other day :)

  3. So elegantly put! I think we all wish we could go back sometimes... :)

  4. **Beautiful**. I feel the same way so often!

  5. this is beautiful, Kailey. :) your words, your pictures... perfection. :) thank you for your sweet comments on my blog - they make my day.

    and to answer your question about the sticky sidebar:

    go to .sidebar .widget and add:
    position: fixed;
    top: 0;
    left: -275px;

    that should work... that is what i did, because i had such a hard time finding a tutorial that worked! haha. :)

  6. oh, yes yes and yes. i have been pondering about this a lot more of late. life is definitely not as romantic as we dreamed it up to be when we were little, yeah? loved this post. xx

  7. you have such a lovely way of summing up feelings! I know exactly what you mean but could never explain it!

  8. Oh man, I love this post! Your blog is gorgeous (I just found you through Pinterest and I'm so glad!)
    You write beautifully :) xoxo


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