you know those times when you were a child,
how you would dream and whimsically plan out your future?
you'd dream of growing up and traveling to foreign places
you'd dream about one day meeting prince charming
you'd dream of life without school
you'd dream of changing the world...

sometimes I miss being a child.
the days where I could simply sit and dream
and sometimes cry
with the childish longing to be "grown up".

and sometimes I miss the simpleness of being a child.
of living life fully with no problems or burdens.

sometimes I watch my two nieces
the way they laugh so freely and play so innocently
and I ache inwardly
as memories of my childhood flood my mind
the oh so simple days
of wandering freely into the woods
of writing ridiculous books
of sitting on hay bales
and breathing in country winds
and playing with my bonny pup Sam
and dreaming of all the supposed adventures I'd one day take
and, oh... all those happy things you'd do as a child.

and sometimes..
all I want to do is melt away the few years and go back
back to being that innocent child..
who dreamt of being "grown up".


life epiphanies... or lack thereof

so for three weeks solid I've been longing to write an amazingly inspirational blogpost about some incredible epiphany or some life-changing thing that's happened or about the way my life is so great right now...
and it seems that every time I start to write I come to a loss for deep words (and I am so un-poetic).
so I read over the seemingly empty words and click off the tab and exit the room in frustration.
and I keep wondering why I can't seem to find the words?
maybe it's because I don't have any life-changing secrets to share.
maybe it's because everything I want to write out is too personal to share (not really that personal... but for an introvert sharing what you've eaten for breakfast can be a horrible experience..ahem..)
or maybe it's simply the fact that I have so many rolling thoughts in my head that I feel blank when it comes to writing it all down in paragraphs that actually make sense.
all I know is that my life right now can be entirely summed up in this quote by C.S. Lewis:

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different?"

so.. cheers to solitary drives on country roads, and guitar playing, and songwriting, and amazing people, and chocolate cakes, and laughing children, and old movies, and cold tea, and all the new adventures ahead!


uncharted territory

oh. endless road.

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