it's weird to think that another year is over and a new one on the brink of beginning. it's weird sometimes when you feel like life goes by kinda slow, yet when you look back it actually went by really quickly. it's weird to think that a whole, entire year with tales and adventures is gone. that it will now forever be just memory. a "remember in 2014 when we....". it's weird to think that a new year, a whole new year with unknown adventures and roads and paths is before us. it's weird... yet just part of the adventure, right?


thanksgiving day

(I caught my parents taking selfies)

surrounded by family and very close friends and chocolate pies and laughing children and turkey and falling leaves-
 it was a happy day.



"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." - Emily Bronte


twists and turns

so many twists and turns in life. 


so I guess it's fall

so I guess it's fall now that I've taken a leaves and shoes picture, right?
happy fall, y'all!


here are some random shots from my new dslr.  gah, I love this camera.



I got a new dslr Canon and this is just one out of a hundred photos that I've taken with it.   More photos to follow!



Montreat is a hidden gem in the mountains of North Carolina.  It's so quaint that it feels like it's our own piece of Austria in the States.  You could tell that this town had tons of secrets that it was withholding- you could feel it in the breeze and when you spoke to the people that lived there. 
Do yourself a favor and go to this place- you won't regret it.


the biltmore

Wanderings in the Biltmore Estate located in Ashville, North Carolina.  Officially the largest private-owned estate in the United States.  Read more about this intriguing place here.

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