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this past weekend has been one of the best of the year.
my aunt, her fiance, my two cousins and grandparents came up from Texas.
we laughed, ate too much sugar, stayed up till 1 talking and playing games in my sister's upstairs.
we had a huge evening of food, charades, apples to apples, spades and lots of happy noise.
oh, and lots of sugar
and more sugar
and even more sugar
but it's Christmastime so that's okay, right?
(okay, I was feeling a little guilty with all the sugar that I have devoured so about 30 minutes ago I took a long bike ride with a little friend we're babysitting today)
(oh and these pictures above have very little to do with all that's happened this weekend, they're just recent instagrams)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

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