I have a pretty downtown.  


and... I think that fall is here

The wind is beginning to feel crisp.  The leaves are beginning to change colors.  The air is beginning to get chilly.  And nature is beginning to attire with fall.  

and I think... that fall is here.


morning, leaves and tea

a quiet morning of hot tea, leaves and fall-ish weather. 


roadtrips - travel - big cities - wanderlust


The most glorious 7th floor sunset I've ever seen.  

Exploring an old house and it's gorgeous grounds  

Skyway views    (May I just say it's the weirdest feeling being able to walk above moving cars?)

19th floor city views  

An evening city walk  

The roadtrip back to my little town  

Last week my family and I road tripped to Minnesota and... I took way too many pictures.  But, I really enjoyed the experience of big city life and people watching and northern accents.  And tennis. (I know that has nothing to do with Minnesota travels, but-eh, anyway).  

I like roadtrips and travel and big cities and... I think I've contracted wanderlust. 
oh, and off topic, are any of you tennis fans?  If so, I think we should be best friends.

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