an afternoon in the city

From here downward all photos were taken with my iphone.  
My lovely camera card randomly became full.... just mah luck.

Tuesday my sister and I drove to Little Rock to have lunch with two friends.  One of them is leaving the country for nine months, so it was absolutely essential that we get together.  We had a lovely time walking around the mall, sipping teas, eating cookies, wearing Ray bans, talking deep, and eating lunch at chick-fil-a.  
It was a lovely afternoon.  And I found out something... I really love driving in city traffic while going 77 mph.  I may have a slight heavy foot..


  1. oh, it sounds lovely, Kailey. :) and these are just pretty pictures! {and i'm afraid i share your 'heavy-footed-ness'... haha. i am always having to slow down when i drive. ;)}

    but really, this is beautiful, girl. :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely time.

  3. Looks like you had a great time.
    You must be a very good driver cause I don't know if I even COULD drive in heavy traffic at that speed let alone like it!
    I freak out if I go 30 =)


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