Shakespeare, poems, and clouds

On a cloudy day, I drove to my library in my tiny town. Because books, Shakespeare, poems, clouds, and rain go hand in hand. oh, with a cup of tea too of course.


nostalgic, bittersweet

I was scrolling through some old albums and found these unpublished photos.  I've been nostalgic lately. Certain photos and memories keep popping up. It's a bittersweet feeling. Tres bittersweet. 

But, I like the feeling of good memories.


a day spent painting

a day spent outdoors painting and playing with two lovely nieces and a handsome nephew. 
I love outdoors.


july 4th

We had a very simple july 4th celebration with family. We ate a delicious meal cooked by my lovely mother, with desserts enjoyed afterwards.  My sister made the triple layered cake and I made the cookies. They were meant to come out red, white and blue, but instead they came out pink, cream and greenish. oh, well. It's the thought.

Thanks to Erin and my brother-in-law for the fireworks and the show!

And a heartfelt thanks to all the brave men and women who gave (and who are giving) all for our freedom!

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