it's okay to find yourself happy

Have you ever paused a moment of your life to find yourself happy? Yesterday I couldn't help feeling very happy.  How could I not be happy when my one year old nephew gives me a sweet smile and then leans his head on my shoulder.  How could I not be happy when my three year old niece crawls into my lap slipping her fingers in mine. How could I not be happy when my six year old niece compliments my cooking and shows me her wiggly teeth..

I wonder why we often think it's wrong to be happy. Like we're not true and deep unless we're going through some heavy trial.  When you're living for God, there's no reason you don't have to be happy. 

Really, just be happy


  1. YES! i learned to take a moment. sometimes, even during the hardest time, when you stop and stare for awhile, noticing - really noticing around you, even the smallest thing like the feel of air filling your lungs or the smell of your morning coffee, can make you feel really really happy. and content.

    love the pictures :)

  2. AMEN, sister!! This is such a beautiful post! I am constantly just pausing and thinking about how incredibly blessed I am. It nearly brings me to tears :)

    Glad you've been having some good happy moments lately!


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