a walk and blog makeover

I took a walk the other day and also did a complete blog makeover.  The walk was refreshing and exhilarating and the blog design was long and time-consuming.  I like the simplicity of it, though. That's what I was striving for.

also, I made butterless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies today and I'm eating away my calorie limit.  They are good. Here is the recipe that was found from Pinterest. If you're ever in the mood for sweets (always!) than you should give my food | drink pinterest board a peek. With my evident love of sweets the recipes in there should be perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth (or sweet teeth!). 

oh, and I made a Guestbook page.  Feel free to leave a note and a link to your blog!

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  1. i love morning walk. and i'm in love with that last pic!


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