a random, happy, little trip

randomly, my family decided upon a very quick trip to northwest Arkansas to see the original paintings of Norman Rockwell (!!!).  It was an absolutely gorgeous drive through Arkansas grandeur.  Rolling hills, green fields, meandering cows, curvy roads, and breathtaking views.  It was a very pleasant drive to and from the musem.  We drove through the parking lot of the official "Duggar Automotive" and saw a Duggar. we went to this coffeeshop (the very same one two Duggars volunteered at on one of their episodes). And we stayed at a quaint, darling cottage, with a newman's own pizza dinner. ah, perfect day.

and then... the paintings of Norman Rockwell the next morning.  oh, it was amazing!  Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed. but, it was still absolutely fascinating.  I think he is perhaps one of my favorite painters. 


  1. lovely road trip. i miss doing this kind of road trip. and with coffee shop on the way, definitely make it better

  2. Amazing views! Wish I could do a photo shoot there! :)


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