a rainy day that succumbed to sunshine (video included)

this was the day that the rain succumbed to sunshine. (and currently back to rain again, blah)
I love rain, but I love sunshine so much more. The earth was glistening from the fresh pouring of rain it had received. The sun began to peep from the heavy rain clouds to dry the wet ground.  It's a lovely moment. The fresh scent of rain, and the sparkle of the sun.

a rare, happy moment.


a (very) short video of my passing summer days

My very first Vimeo of my passing summer days. It's short, but I thought it was fun to do. Enjoy!


country stores, country drives

I love country drives and country stores.  and I especially love the mennonite people who run this tiny country store. country life is so calm and peaceful. and country folks are so friendly.  I remember the first time I ever stepped on a metro (two years ago) , being sandwiched like sardines into strangers, I was thinking "I need air, space, southern hills and country drives." I don't know how people survive on metros. I was in complete shock with the amount of humans in one metro... I think I almost suffocated. I was raised in country life (I've never been on a plane, does that show you how southern I am?) and though I think I would enjoy city life, I'll always need a country drive. always..

cheers to the calm life!


it's okay to find yourself happy

Have you ever paused a moment of your life to find yourself happy? Yesterday I couldn't help feeling very happy.  How could I not be happy when my one year old nephew gives me a sweet smile and then leans his head on my shoulder.  How could I not be happy when my three year old niece crawls into my lap slipping her fingers in mine. How could I not be happy when my six year old niece compliments my cooking and shows me her wiggly teeth..

I wonder why we often think it's wrong to be happy. Like we're not true and deep unless we're going through some heavy trial.  When you're living for God, there's no reason you don't have to be happy. 

Really, just be happy



"I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of; for to have been thought about, born in God’s thought, and then made by God is the dearest, grandest, and most precious thing in all thinking." -C.S. Lewis


a walk and blog makeover

I took a walk the other day and also did a complete blog makeover.  The walk was refreshing and exhilarating and the blog design was long and time-consuming.  I like the simplicity of it, though. That's what I was striving for.

also, I made butterless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies today and I'm eating away my calorie limit.  They are good. Here is the recipe that was found from Pinterest. If you're ever in the mood for sweets (always!) than you should give my food | drink pinterest board a peek. With my evident love of sweets the recipes in there should be perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth (or sweet teeth!). 

oh, and I made a Guestbook page.  Feel free to leave a note and a link to your blog!


a random, happy, little trip

randomly, my family decided upon a very quick trip to northwest Arkansas to see the original paintings of Norman Rockwell (!!!).  It was an absolutely gorgeous drive through Arkansas grandeur.  Rolling hills, green fields, meandering cows, curvy roads, and breathtaking views.  It was a very pleasant drive to and from the musem.  We drove through the parking lot of the official "Duggar Automotive" and saw a Duggar. we went to this coffeeshop (the very same one two Duggars volunteered at on one of their episodes). And we stayed at a quaint, darling cottage, with a newman's own pizza dinner. ah, perfect day.

and then... the paintings of Norman Rockwell the next morning.  oh, it was amazing!  Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed. but, it was still absolutely fascinating.  I think he is perhaps one of my favorite painters. 


pausing those moments

Sometimes you just need to pause the moments.  Instead of flying through days like you're a mouse with a cat at your heels (being a mouse would be so unfortunate). The other day I sat in my darling sunroom and paused the moment with these pictures.  I didn't get the objects all pretty and perfect. I left them in their simple state and snapped.  

I like pausing moments, it gives you something to think about in the busy moments.

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