my enemy

An enemy I had, whose mien
I stoutly strive in vain to know;
For hard he dogged my steps, unseen,
Wherever I might go.

My plans he blocked; my aims he foiled;
He blocked my every onward way.
When for some lofty goal I toiled,
He grimly said me nay.

"Come forth!" I cried, "Lay bare thy guise!
Thy wretched features I would see."
Yet always to my straining eye
He dwelt in mystery.

Until one night I held him fast,
The veil from off his form did draw;
I gazed upon his face at last
And, Lo! myself I saw.

Edwin L. Sabin

(one of my very favorite poems)


a day at the lake day 2

This was the last day spent at the lake.  It was a quaint and perfect whimsical day full of playful nieces, clear skies, fishing, bonfires, and s'mores.  I really, really love the the outdoors.
  That night the moon was absolutely gorgeous with it's silvery reflection on the lake. Unfortunately my cam wasn't able to capture the splendor of it. But, it was certainly a sight worth seeing.

I hope your day is lovely!


a day at the lake day 1

The day before last my family and I road tripped to a nearby lake.  We spent the day fishing, walking, grilling and talking.  It was a day very well spent.  Yesterday we went again, and I have a ton of pictures left to show. ahh, I love springy, summer days.


pictures of my passing days v. 1

(my sisters are gorgeous)

Pictures of my passing days.  How have your days been?


simplicity v. 3

I'm not even sure how long I'll keep these simplicity posts going.  Maybe this could be the last one, or maybe it could be the third of a hundred!

I just love simple photos, but don't always know what to write with them.  From now on when I post a "simplicity" post, it will be just pictures, because my poetic writing skills are vague.

What's your favorite thing about simplicity?

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