lazy towns

For the last three days my sister and I have been driving around my state passing out flyers for a friend's business.  I have never seen so many small towns, flatlands, and very southern (hick) people.  I live on the edge of my state so I also got to pass out flyers to my nearby state that's only about an hour away.  I like living so near another state and I like living by (and in) so many small, southern towns.  I love living near (and in) towns that stop in the middle of the road to let random dogs pass by.  It's quiet.  And lazy.  And everyone is friendly and laid back (even our accent is lazy...).  

oh, and I'm also verrrrry proud of my state for passing the strictest abortion bill in the country thanks to Jason Rapert.  Read about it hear.

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  1. Sounds like fun! What is your friend's business?


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