Interview: Liberty Brooke

Yesterday I interviewed my favorite three year old.  My angel niece, Liberty Brooke.. 

What's your favorite color?  Lellow (yellow), green and blue

What's your favorite animal?  Horses

What's your favorite book?  My don't know......

What's your favorite t.v. show?  Lassie

What's your favorite movie?  Cinderella

What's your favorite food?  Oatmeal with cimmamon (cinnamon) in it.

What's your favorite outfit?  I like to wear one of these.. *lifts dress*

Who's your best friend?  Lauren (her sister)

What's your favorite thing to do?  Help mama cook

Where's your favorite place to go?  all-mart (walmart)

What do you want to do on your birthday?  I'd like to twim (swim) on my birthday.  I love "twimming".

P.S.  She's an angel. 


  1. oh.my.gosh. cute-ed out, officially. this is adorable, Kailey! x

  2. *squeal*! she is adorable! Haha "lellow" and "twimming", so cute. I want to do this with my nieces now!

  3. awww my goodness how adorable! <3


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