"remember that time when..." {a birthday post}

Remember that time when my favorite past time was grabbing a book and wandering aimlessly in the mystery of the woods... remember that time when my greatest worry and care was about my polly pocket kingdom I was always thinking of building... remember that time when I wrote a deep, sad poem about my dog that I thought had run away, only to pause in the middle of writing to find him in my front yard... remember that time when I'd sit in my room on my bed staring out my window dreaming, thinking, planning... remember that time when we sat up in our beds into the late night hours confused with life... remember that time when we jumped on haybales in the dark and stared at the stars twinkling above... remember that time when we played around the world basketball we dubbed "hawg"...

remember that time when we we stayed up late for my 18th birthday... so late that we began feeling (and acting) rather giddy... remember that time when my niece gave me a long hug with a smile and a "I love you Kaykay, happy birthday."...

Yes, I remember. I always will.


  1. i take it, today is your birthday? ;) Happy Birthday, girl! <3 i love this whole post--it's simply gorgeous. hope you had a fabulous day!


  2. seems like you had a great birthday. and a day like that is absolutely a day to be remembered and glued in your memory for forever.
    happy birthday!


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