of a road picture and a happy jar

The road picture?  Well, it doesn't have a story.  Just a random picture taken while driving.  The jar pictures?  That's an idea I found on Pinterest.  Simply a jar that I plan on filling with happy moments throughout the year and on New Years I'll open it and read them.  You should do it too! 

I haven't been blogging regularly lately.  Mostly because I'm having trouble uploading my pictures to the computer and yes, I've been slightly uninspired.  Hopefully I can drop back into the niche of things.

What keeps you inspired?  Do you force inspiration or let it come naturally?


  1. oh, what a neat idea, Kailey! i love the idea of a "happy jar". :) i think i'll have to start one. :)

    hmm, well, browsing Pinterest usually gets me inspired--haha--as well as going outside and just taking pictures, or working on my story. :)

    you seem pretty inspired to me! ;) this is lovely!

  2. I actively let inspiration come naturally. haha. I look for inspiration but I don't force it. People can tell when blog posts are insincere, ya know?

    I love the happy jar idea! How cute is that? And the random road photo is still kinda cool in its own way! :)

  3. I kept a memory jar and filled it with little happy things (memories, movie tickets, playbills, notes, etc.) last year and it was such a joy to open and read all of the things I had forgotten from the past year! By the middle of the year, you might grow forgetful about it, but I want to encourage you to keep at it, because it's worth it! Good luck. :)

  4. oh! the happy jar = awesome


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