hearts, items, n' such.

Image 1/ a darling quilted heart I found while antiquing.
Image 2/ Happy daily reminders.
Image 3/ My new iPhone background. 
Image 4/ Socks and wood floors.
Image 5/afternoon shadows.
Image 6/ Two mugs I found antiquing that I'm giving to my two angel nieces on Valentine's.
Image 7/ A coca cola drink acting as a vase.
It's almost Valentine's day!  I love Valentine's day.  Mainly and mostly because it's my birthday!  I was born Valentine's day, 1995.  I'm glad to be alive.
Have a lovely day!


  1. Aw! Lovely post. Happy Valentine's Day, and also, Happy Birthday!! :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. i just love to come here because it feels just like i'm in a book. for some reason. everything seems just right. perfectly original. and happy :) have a wonderful week Kailey,and i'll be back to wish you happy birthday :)

  3. love these post :)
    and happy birthday for you. 1995? you're so young

  4. I love Valentine's Day too. What romantic, soft pictures and a wonderful lifestyle, I especially like the afternoon shadows. :) Gorgeous blog. So thankful to have stumbled across it. Newest follower.
    Bella @ sea and salt

  5. love your blog! great photos!
    new follower!\
    please follow mine!


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