Yesterday, I wrote.  Scratched on paper one word after another.  Hoping that something good, something real, something with depth would come to life.  
The day before last I wrote two songs.  One called Uphill, the other called Seams.
Yesterday, though, I wrote an altogether different song.  One written in English and French.  
That one is called: La Lumiere de la Lune. (The Light of the Moon)

I haven't finished it just yet, though. 

Santé A la votre !


  1. I tried to write a song in french and failed, haha. Harder than it seems, for sure! Props to you! Writing music is my favorite thing in the world to do :)

    Love your pictures, the last one is my favorite.

  2. Also, I was wondering what type of Camera do you have? Hope you don't mind me asking. I really like your photos.

  3. This was a very beautiful post, I loved the accompanying pictures.

  4. Hello friend!

    You have beautiful blog here, the post and pictures! sure I want to stay while.
    I love your treble-clef... I love treble clef, butterfly, bow things <3
    Thank you, been learning English and I love your to see you put french here. I don't know to speak french, I have some best friends who know french, I love spanish :).

    Looking forward to visit you more.


  5. Songwriting! What a wonderful outlet. Love to hear it! xoxo

  6. How beautiful this is! I love your photography and your blog <3
    xo Maria

  7. Anonymous4:29 PM

    whoa, how did you get the graininess on your photos? gorgeous blog! :)


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