bits and pieces

Image 1/  Reading Les Miserables on a roadtrip.  The perfect depressing book for rainy days.

Image 2/ A perfect sunset.  Whimsical, beautiful and lovely.

Image 3/ My message to the world.  Peace.

Image 4/ An old, old (old, old, old,) town and a perfect blue sky.

Image 5/ Sunday afternoon basketball, sunset and a perfect little boy on the bottom left corner. :)

Image 6/ My darling sister and her hubby.  She blogs here.

Image 7/ The sky.  Painted red, pink, and blue with the quaint silhouette of trees. 

Image 8/ My lil niece off on an adventure.

Image 9/ Shoes and leaves.

Just a few bits and pieces of my week.  I hope you enjoyed. :) 


  1. 'tis lovely, Kailey! love these pictures. :)


  2. I loved these. Just full of feeling. :)

  3. Gorgeous. I want to jump into that sunset picture.

  4. Kailey, I am checking blogger in Lord knows how long. :0) You're sweet. I do love the pic of J and I. Framable. <3


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