{ "...there is a rumor going round the shop that some of us are someday going to come to life." C.S. Lewis }

{ "I've heard rumors of true reality, whispers of a well-lit way." Brooke Fraser }


bits and pieces

Image 1/  Reading Les Miserables on a roadtrip.  The perfect depressing book for rainy days.

Image 2/ A perfect sunset.  Whimsical, beautiful and lovely.

Image 3/ My message to the world.  Peace.

Image 4/ An old, old (old, old, old,) town and a perfect blue sky.

Image 5/ Sunday afternoon basketball, sunset and a perfect little boy on the bottom left corner. :)

Image 6/ My darling sister and her hubby.  She blogs here.

Image 7/ The sky.  Painted red, pink, and blue with the quaint silhouette of trees. 

Image 8/ My lil niece off on an adventure.

Image 9/ Shoes and leaves.

Just a few bits and pieces of my week.  I hope you enjoyed. :) 


a traipse

The other day, on an impulse of the moment, I decided to take a traipse.  I think that when I'm surrounded with the beauty of creation, the clear, open expanse above, rustling of the trees, falling leaves, chickens making their noise, distant barking dogs, wind chimes in the distant... my heart comes alive a little more.  

The neighbor horse, nicknamed Sunshine, slowly made her way to the fence to watch me pass by.  And yes, I very gladly walked up to her and gave her a pet on the nose.  I was a bit leery... I'm no Roy Rogers with horses, mind you. 

But really, there's nothing quite like a long, leisurely, country traipse. 


according to instagram

I keep my Instagram set on private, but I thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken over these two weeks.  I must admit, instagramming is so much easier and quicker than writing out a whole blog post of edited pictures.  

My favorite picture would have to be the collage, which was taken yesterday.  My sister and I went to help my brother-in-law with the house he's building for our oldest sister and their three, perfect, angel children (I am a bit biased, them being my blood relatives and all, but they are the cutest, sweetest children I know).  My sister and I screwed half of their nifty, almost wrap-around porch and picked up excess wood pieces while the earthy fire crackled, the sun peeked through the trees, and the sharp wind bit through our coats.  My oldest sister then brought us some warm tea and chai, while my two darling nieces and tiny, perfect nephew played and laughed.  It was really perfect.  I love the outdoors.

P.S. Sorry for the blurriness of these pictures.  Instagram doesn't have the best of quality.


a simple day in an old town

Just a load of pictures from a simple day in a quaint, old town.  I adore old towns.

P.S. A few days ago I helped my sister design her blog a bit.  Go check out her darling blog!


rainy, foggy day

I love foggy, rainy days.  It's always so eerily quiet, except for a distant wind chime, or a bark of a dog.  Birds chirp softly as they flit from one tree to another.  The wind blows very faintly, slightly lifting tree branches.  Sometimes strong enough to make a wet, soggy leaf  float slowly to the wet, soggy ground.

For some reason, on these kinds of days, all I want is to live in a small english village (preferably Castle Combe) with a loud, old clock that chimes every hour.  With woolly socks, a hot cup of tea, and a good book in a small, quaint cottage. 

Yep, that's how I'd like to spend a rainy, foggy day.

P.S. I added a FAQ page.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. :)

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