this passed year

This year of 2012 has absolutely flown by so quickly... this past Christmas season has come and gone faster than I ever remember it doing..

I couldn't say that this has been my favorite year out of all my seventeen years, but it has been a pretty good one. Therefore, I'm going to share a favorite picture from each month of this year with a small (very small) recap of that month...  Cheers!

January was mostly uneventful.  We visited a farm (see above picture) and pretty much just meandered.  It was a happy, peaceful time.. oh, and I started a daily photo challenge which was later discarded in the middle of the year...

February I celebrated my seventeenth birthday (on valentine's day) and spent a week at TeenPact.  It was also a happy month..

March I got my senior pictures taken by my lovely sister and again life was calm and very, very happy.  Actually I really loved this month..

April we traded in cold air for summer weather, which then led my family on a trip to Branson.  That trip was oh so much fun..

May I graduated high school and went on another TeenPact trip. Was a very busy month..

June was very calm, which was perfect after the busyness of May.  My bubblegum picture above won grand prize in my local Fair.  I especially liked this quiet month.  Take a peek at my wonderful June. Oh, and we were also slowly preparing to move..

July was very busy.  I spent one week in Oklahoma campaigning for someone (which was incredibly, amazingly fun... and hot) and another week I was feeling very optimistic.

August was extremely busy with moving.  Quite obvious with only one post for the entire month.  This was also a very sad month, with my grandpa passing away.

September was quiet and peaceful again.  I learned deep life lessons while babysitting, watched a sunset, and found my future car.

October was busy and quaint.  I went to my first auction.  Had a jolly time swingin' and had a perfect sunday afternoon.

November was happy and full (excluding the election results).  This day sticks out to me especially.

December was a full and jolly month.  We spent a day at my Capitol.  Spent some time in Texas.  And had a wonderfully, happy Christmas.

And so..  night will come and tomorrow will dawn clear and bright.  This passed year will be just a memory in our minds.  Some memories gripped and held onto and some wished forgotten.

"It's a new year to praise the Lord and thank Him for His blessings." -my dad


  1. Sounds like you had a great year! Happy New Year! :)

  2. Anonymous1:55 PM

    i reallyreallyreally like your blog Kailey! you're adorbs and your about me page is so cute. :)

  3. Wonderful photos!
    Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog!


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