capitol at sundown

Flag at half mast to honor the death of an Arkansas soldier killed in Afghanistan. 

It was nearly sundown as my family and I walked up the steps to see the front of the capitol. I remember feeling a bit leery and spied the crowd for anyone looking as if they were carrying a bomb or weapon of any kind (ha, I'm so dramatic). We, along with hundreds of others who made up the large crowd, were there to see the lights come on at our Capitol and when the lights did flick on a loud cheer broke forth.  'Twas lovely.

It was the first time, since before the terrible results of the election, that I felt patriotic.

P.S. I have thoroughly redesigned my blog.  How do you like it??


  1. i have been wishing that you were still here :)love the pictures.... pea ess: love the new design ;) do you do it yourself?

    1. Thanks Kylie! Yeah, I did design it myself with lots of help from blogger tutorials I found on the web. :)

  2. Lovely pictures, Sis!

  3. Beautiful <3

    ---->> Kate

  4. Such beautiful pictures! And that's such a blessing that it made you feel patriotic. I know how hard that is these days. Inspiring.

    You've been awarded! :) http://breathsmilesandtears.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-awards-ceremony.html

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