the simple moments

I carry my camera always on my shoulder. Snapping pictures of my life. What's transpiring. I carry my dear Olympus to my downtown. I carry it to our simply tea party. I even carry it to walmart. Why? Because I want to pause the simple moments of my life so that I may always remember. Remember that life is made up of the simple things. However minute, or small.
I pause the day that my sister and I went to my local bead store to find a gift for a dear friend. I pause the day my three sisters, mother, two nieces, nephew and I have a tea party (my poor nephew, stuck with so many girls!). I pause the day I crochet in the kitchen, with my sister and a spot of tea before me.

Somehow, pausing the simply moments make all the big moments worthwhile.


  1. So sweet and I completely agree with you. I keep my camera around at all times as well because I've realized there are dozens of these perfect moments that occur every day, and if you aren't looking for them then you'll miss them completely.

  2. Cameras are meant to stay by your side. I know mine does. YOu have such a pretty blog!

  3. yes, love this.
    lovely pictures!

  4. These photos are great! So calming.


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