It's times like these.  When the sun finally begins sinking as it silently pulls in it's rays.  It's when the twilight lingeringly sits on the horizon..
This is the time when all heaviness, all burdens, all cares and all pains are tossed into the rays of the sun and quietly rolled away into an avalanche of blackness.
This is the time when peace slowly etches it's way into your heart and sinks into your being.  When cares are forgotten.  When the beauty of the sinking sun sends strains away and makes loneliness completely slip your mind.  
Watching a sunset reminds me that we serve a God who loves beauty.  Who delights in His creation.  One who earnestly longs for you. One who loves you.  One whose love defies any explanation with it's unending grace and mercy.  One who painted the skies lingering twilight colors with His Finger.  The One and Only.  

Such perfectness.  Such holiness.  Who could refuse such love?

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