these million years

So. We're moving. We're packing the last boxes of my memory-filled, childhood home and moving into a new. I didn't think I would feel this... bittersweetness. At least not as strongly as I am feeling it now.

What about all the memories? Late night excursions lying on haybales watching stars, the hundreds of bonfires with my dearest neighbors/family, the fourth of July fireworks, the arch leading into the path between our neighbor's house... the millions of smiles, tears, joy...  how can I be so happy, yet, so sad..

These Million Years

A million places to see, a million miles to walk,
a million memories, a million heavy talks,

A million smiles, and a few tears,
a million reconciles, over these... million years

So long, farewell
let's lift a cheer
 our paths may cross,
sometime in these million years...

A million happy thoughts, a million crazy dreams,
a million snapshots, a million unraveled seams,

A million carnivals, a million spheres,
a million nostalgic spells, over these... million years

hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm

Farewell home.  Farewell walls. Farewell empty rooms.  Welcome to my heart wave after wave of aching bittersweetness.

*Song written by me and an endless stream of sweet tears...

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