My life thus far.. spent a week in Oklahoma campaigning for Elise Hall. I enjoyed it immensely! Despite the 108 degree weather. We knocked doors, plastered signs in yards, waved Elise Hall signs beside a busy intersection, talked with strangers (some very kind and some... rather awkward), had broken down cars with doors that wouldn't shut, laughed until tears fell, played music, sang, sunburned, walked; we were chased away by crazy dogs (I have found that my solid foundation of love for dogs has cracked... heavily), walked into random grocery stores opening and closing freezer doors, and all of the fun finally ended with Elise being reelected for State Representative. What a blast!

The girl on the left you ask?  Just a gal that writes songs that will one day be on radios!   Such incredible lyrics and voice!

On an ending note and with 4th of July just around the corner, here is a lovely patriotic song to feast upon your ears.  Cheers!

~Kay A.

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