lots of ice-cream and country road pictures.  makes for lots of happiness.

~Kay A.



Aujourd'hui (today) ...

Au revoir mon ami. Ayez un bonne journee.. (Goodbye my friend. Have a good day)

~Kay A.


life in instagrams

Random, but something I've noticed about living in the south is everybody always says "Have a good one!".  And I always wonder... have a good what
Anyway, someday I might pull out my old Olympus camera again... but for now, cheers to instagram!

Have a good one or something of other!
~Kay A.


these million years

So. We're moving. We're packing the last boxes of my memory-filled, childhood home and moving into a new. I didn't think I would feel this... bittersweetness. At least not as strongly as I am feeling it now.

What about all the memories? Late night excursions lying on haybales watching stars, the hundreds of bonfires with my dearest neighbors/family, the fourth of July fireworks, the arch leading into the path between our neighbor's house... the millions of smiles, tears, joy...  how can I be so happy, yet, so sad..

These Million Years

A million places to see, a million miles to walk,
a million memories, a million heavy talks,

A million smiles, and a few tears,
a million reconciles, over these... million years

So long, farewell
let's lift a cheer
 our paths may cross,
sometime in these million years...

A million happy thoughts, a million crazy dreams,
a million snapshots, a million unraveled seams,

A million carnivals, a million spheres,
a million nostalgic spells, over these... million years

hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm

Farewell home.  Farewell walls. Farewell empty rooms.  Welcome to my heart wave after wave of aching bittersweetness.

*Song written by me and an endless stream of sweet tears...


365 Days: Week 28

My week in instagrams.  I haven't pulled out my dear only Olympus camera this entire week, too sidetracked using instagram on my new iPhone.  So here are a few pictures of my week via instagram, enjoy!

~Kay A.



"Be optimistic! Don't you be a mourner. Brighten up that corner and smile. Don't wear a long face, it's never in style. Be optimistic and smile!"

*all photos taken with my Olympus and Iphone



My life thus far.. spent a week in Oklahoma campaigning for Elise Hall. I enjoyed it immensely! Despite the 108 degree weather. We knocked doors, plastered signs in yards, waved Elise Hall signs beside a busy intersection, talked with strangers (some very kind and some... rather awkward), had broken down cars with doors that wouldn't shut, laughed until tears fell, played music, sang, sunburned, walked; we were chased away by crazy dogs (I have found that my solid foundation of love for dogs has cracked... heavily), walked into random grocery stores opening and closing freezer doors, and all of the fun finally ended with Elise being reelected for State Representative. What a blast!

The girl on the left you ask?  Just a gal that writes songs that will one day be on radios!   Such incredible lyrics and voice!

On an ending note and with 4th of July just around the corner, here is a lovely patriotic song to feast upon your ears.  Cheers!

~Kay A.

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