There are some things extremely sweet and savory about simplicity.  Like a light colored room with a random splash of color.  Like a stroll on a bike across an old country road.  Like a smile from a child. Or a happy family gathering around a large country table.  Laughter.  Nails without nail polish.  A dumbphone opposed to an iphone.  Tears.  Running barefoot through tall (probably tick-infested) grass.  Long country drives.  Mennonite people.  Smiles from strangers (southern people are really nice).  The sound of a rippling creek.  Daydreaming.  Random walmart excursions.  Washing cups and plates by hand opposed to using a dishwasher.  Bonanza reruns.  Letters in the mail.  Brown paper packages tied with string. 

"There is a certain majesty in simplicity which is far above all the quaintness of wit." -Alexander Pope

~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 24

Hello.  This set of pictures may be a tad monotonous as I got randomly obsessed with the sun and sun rays and the like. So, enjoy!


Perfect sunset

My pap's truck

A field with spilling sun rays

Our chimney

The magical looking gate to our pool

Have a lovely day!
~Kay A.



Sometimes I wonder.

My mind wanders and wanders into strange places. Places where questions have no answers. Why do good men fall while the monster still stands? Why do horrendous things happen to people who are innocent while the wicked stand in triumph?

Brooke Fraser, a singer and songwriter, wrote a song once called Albertine. About the genocide that took place in Rwanda. The song is about a girl named Albertine, who lost her entire family during this tragedy.

This story and so many more like it fill me with so much passion and sadness. Especially when I squirm and complain about the smallest things in life. Turning my shoulder to stories like these. Peeling my eyes away from such atrociousness. And when I do finally look back and see and watch, my entire being cringes and knots. And I feel like nothing but a speck of dust; Because I've turned a deaf ear and a blind eye.

I don't have the answers to my above questions. I don't have any knots to disentangle. But I do know that one day the last shall be first and that justice will be done. Thank you Jesus!

~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 23

Hello!  I hope you all had a splendid week.  Here is a handful of pics of mine.

Sunday gathering


A spot of tea


My downtown..


Sometimes you just need yellow toes..

Have a lovely day!


365 Days: Week 22

Hullo! Welcome back to my 365 Days project. Weeks 20 and 21 are lost to oblivion, but here is week 22! Enjoy.

Country road.


Bubble gum

rubber boots//


Packing up corners in our house..

dinner with my family

~Kay A.

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