{ Oodles of Questions }


I am introducing a blogging game... It's a game consisting of Oodles of Questions. I'll ask and answer 15 questions, then I'll tag fellow bloggers. They can play the game by copying and answering the questions, grabbing my picture above, and linking back to A Solitary Nook! I'll tag fellow bloggers at the end of this post. :)

Shall we begin?

1. What time period would you go back to, if given the chance? 
     I would choose the early 1900s. The days of the first world war. Why? I have no idea.

2. Favorite classic movie(s)?
    The Sound of Music, Ben-Hur, It's a Wonderful Life, Sergeant York...

3. Anything about yourself you'd like to share?
    I'm quiet. Excessively quiet. I prefer deep, intellectual, how-to-change-the-world conversations, opposed to chit-chat.

4. Do you prefer rainy, windy, sunny, or snowy days?
    Most especially sunny. I love how the sun softly spills its rays across the sleepy land.

5. What was/is your favorite subject in school?
     English and American history. I love studying the intellectuals of the past..

6. Three favorite books?
    The Bible, The Hidden Hand, Pride and Prejudice

7. If you had to pick up and leave your current location, where would you go?
    England, Scotland, France.. somewhere in Europe.

8. If you had 15 minutes of leisure time, how would you spend it?
    Writing, reading, or, perhaps, playing my Martin guitar. 

9. What do you miss most about your childhood days?
    The freedom; living whimsically without carrying burdens that encompass life.

10. Do you prefer the rolling countryside, or the bustling big city?
      Rolling countrysides. Haybales, blowing grass, barefeet..

11. Are you a serious person, a whimsical person, or somewhere inbetween?
I am definitely somewhere inbetween. At times I can be extremely serious; at other times, I can be absolutely insane. It really just depends on what's happening at the moment.

12. Vintage or modern?
Modern? What on earth? I love all things old, vintage, retro, old, old, old!

13. Any amazing things happening this year?
I'm graduating, (a year early)! My family might be moving, and, sadly, I may have to give away my beloved Samwise Gamgee dog.

14. Any crazy dreams?
I would love to live in a cottage, change the world, play music, become first lady of the United States... (yes, crazy dreams)

15. What do you live for?

Now, to tagging fellow bloggers!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Kailey, I really enjoyed reading more about you. I was very much like you when I was your age - and still am, actually!

    Thanks so much for tagging me. I'm sorry I've not gotten around to playing the game on my blog. Things have gotten very busy for me, so I'm afraid my blogging has had to take a back seat for a little while.