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Hello bloggers! I know that lately I've been neglecting this poor blog and I'm truly sorry. I graduated the week before last and then was gone to Tennessee. Been quite busy, to say the least. Here are a few pictures of my life thus far..

Afternoon bike ride to my neighbors..

Graduation gift from my sis..



Quaint coffeeshop



Snow cone.. yes.

My sister..

Arkansas people..

                       Thanks for reading!
                          ~Kay A.


I call her...

I call her mother. Why was I, a silly, awkward gal blessed with this lady to call my mother. Honestly, I don't know. Nor ever will know.

She makes me want to be better. She unknowingly instills a passion within me to follow Christ humbly. She is the definition of a humble servant to our King.

Sometimes your heart is so full, you run out of words...

But know.. I am proud and honored to call her mother.

~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 19


Donut Factory.


My family all ate out at a mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo day. Our very nice waiter gave us this delicious dessert saying it was "On the house."


So happy. I finished the entire New Testament. 

Clear sky...

~Kay A.


whippoorwill's melodious song.

I live in the country, which is located in a small town. Small town, country living is absolutely wonderful and simple. Haybales, barefeet, bonfires, friends, laziness.

There is definitely a lot of wildlife in the country. So much so that I have dreams about bears knocking on our windows (I have really eccentric dreams, from knocking bears, to evil mothers, to nuclear bombs...).

Apart from horses, goats, dogs, cats, and crows there is the whippoorwill. Whippoorwill's are birds that have a very monotonous melody that lasts from night to early morning. For unknown reasons our whippoorwill chooses a tree right near our window, echoing his call throughout our house and sometimes keeping us awake at night. When awakened by his melody and your eyes pop open your immediate thought is, "What possesses a creature to sing all night, non stop?!"

The poor whippoorwill is not very loved around my neighborhood. And he has been shown his dislike by people shining flashlights in the wood, people playing guitars to scare him away, by shouts, and by BB guns. (I won't reveal the one whom used such violence; keep in mind, though, it wasn't me!)

A thought that helps erase the annoyance of this creature's monotonous song is the knowledge that it isn't singing every night to make the human race loathe him, but that chirping away all night is his own way of praising his Creator.With that thought, one can get past his raucous....... almost.

~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 18

A very good book.

Flea market find. Cute retro cup.

Mailing off graduation cards. Hmm...

Peace to you.

Riding to town with my sis.


Bonfire with friends..

~Kay A.

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