365 Days: Weeks 15 & 16

Driving around with my sis.

Thought this would come out better looking, but I was slightly disappointed.
Anyway, this is a pic of my sis and our nephew on her birthday!

In my previous post, I hinted that something out of the ordinary would transpire my week.
I'm sure you could care less, but my family and I took a small two day trip to Branson.
We stayed at a beautiful condo that overlooked a lovely lake, I took a thousand and one pictures,
we collected shells, toured retro shops, and rode in a darling trolley! Such a fun and random
on-the-whim trip...


Collecting shells

A quaint shop..

Then lunch at a quaint, lazy cafe..


Ice-cream place..

I like to take pictures of random people.

Just your average condo views..

She's so elegant. Even when taking a picture.

Blurry self-portrait...

Rainy day waiting in the car for my mum. Reading and snacking on m&ms..

~Kay A.

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