365 Days: Week 17

i like feet pictures..


A midday traipse..

My sister showed me her future truck. I love it!

Ears are adorable..

I love my Olympus!

The path to our lovely neighbors. An evening of chatting, eating, laughing and rubberband wars. The best of friends!

~Kay A.


365 Days: Weeks 15 & 16

Driving around with my sis.

Thought this would come out better looking, but I was slightly disappointed.
Anyway, this is a pic of my sis and our nephew on her birthday!

In my previous post, I hinted that something out of the ordinary would transpire my week.
I'm sure you could care less, but my family and I took a small two day trip to Branson.
We stayed at a beautiful condo that overlooked a lovely lake, I took a thousand and one pictures,
we collected shells, toured retro shops, and rode in a darling trolley! Such a fun and random
on-the-whim trip...


Collecting shells

A quaint shop..

Then lunch at a quaint, lazy cafe..


Ice-cream place..

I like to take pictures of random people.

Just your average condo views..

She's so elegant. Even when taking a picture.

Blurry self-portrait...

Rainy day waiting in the car for my mum. Reading and snacking on m&ms..

~Kay A.


out in the fields..

Out in the Fields

The little cares that fretted me,     
I lost them yesterday
 Among the fields above the sea,
      Among the winds at play,
 Among the lowing of the herds,
     The rustling of the trees,
 Among the singing of the birds,
        The humming of the bees.

 The foolish fears of what might pass
I cast them all away
 Among the clover-scented grass,
            Among the new-mown hay,
  Among the hushing of the corn,
            Where drowsy poppies nod,
  Where ill thoughts die and good are born-
        Out in the fields of God.
                                                  -Author Unknown


C.S. Lewis

Taken in Oxford, England. Isn't it mysterious? (And this reminds me of one of my older posts.)

I like him. A lot. 'Tis one of my very favorite authors... Do you not love his coat in the above picture??

For some more info about him, check this out.

My 365 Days post won't be posted this Saturday due to busyness, but stay tuned for 365 Days: Weeks 15  & 16  coming Saturday the 21st. Should be interesting! *Hint*

Pardon the interruption, carry on with your daily happenings!
~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 14

Billowy clouds

Leisurely drive..

My mother's garden..

I love those mornings when I haven't even opened my eyes yet and there's a chorus of a song rolling around in my head. That I must hurriedly scribble down.

Doing school outside. (homeschooled)

I should have a weekly, "A good drink" pic. Similar to this one

Busy town..

I added another page! Take a look.
~Kay A.


Happy Days.

Just simply a load of pics I didn't get to share on my previous post.




(sis and I)

I have been reading a book entitled Mansfield Park by Jane Austin. And though I sometimes find her books rather hard to read at times, I have been really intrigued with this one. That was a random fact you could have lived without... anyway, this song is incredible.

Thanks for taking a peek at my pictures! And happy fool's day.
~Kay A.

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