365 Days: Week 13

Listening to Josh Garrels while writing resolutions.

Love, love, love this book! You should look it up. The Hidden Hand.

Lovely day (more pics of this day to follow)


My downtown. So cute and old.

A very good tea.

Only in Arkansas?

Thanks for taking a look at my week! Was a very out-of-the-ordinary-busy week. And I still have lots of photos I would love to share with you. Stay tuned! Also, I added a page to my blog! Take a look.
~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 12

Salmon topped with spinach, mom's homemade bread, and cheesy rice.

Music makes me happy.


Lovely views

Happy hour...

Friendly gathering


~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 11

Reading C.S. Lewis..

My pap's boots.

My finished ice-cream, which was lavished in chocolate. My sunday treat.


Almost my favorite love story. Almost.

Hot strawberry green tea.

Dusky sky while taking a traipse with my mum.

Was happy to be featured on this blog. :)
~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 10

Cute neighbor my sis and I babysit

Part of our sunday dinner

Making cookies with my niece

Spring flowers

So, I was eating dinner and told my pap I was thirsty. He handed me this coffee mug full of water and said "Notice the hearts on it.." He's the greatest.

My angelic nephew. Is his face not perfection?

Evening hours... favorite time of day.

Thanks for reading friends!
~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 9

Photo shoot with my sis.

Old country church

Photo of myself.

Wildflowers in an old jar

Pocahontas. The lady after whom my town is named after.


Lovely whimsical weather.

~Kay A

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