365 Days: Week 8

Early morning freshness

Spent five days at TeenPact.

While there we had a bonfire

Prayed in groups at our Capitol

Played frisbee

And sat in a corner stuffing our mouths with gumballs ..

Pretty flower...

Twas a quite a wonderful week! I met many new friends and saw many old friends. :)


365 Days: Week 7

My old town..

Teacup made in England that I found in a flea market. One of my goals in life is to find as much stuff as I can not made in China.


Delicious Tapioca .. one of the many desserts on my birthday, aka Valentine's day. My wonderful birthday consisted of shopping, dinner with my family, and then watching Sergeant York at the end of the day. :)

Rainy day..

Lovely gal


Random question

What time period would you like to go back to, if given the chance? I chose the early nineteen hundreds, WW1 days. How about you ?

Please leave a comment! :)


365 Days: Week 6

Warning I went absolutely crazy and edited these pictures in an old, vintage type way. If it looks absurd, please tell me and I'll revert to simplicity. :)


Folding clothes and I suddenly realize this... did not happen intentionally. I must be patriotic

Nephew and I.

My niece.


Erin reading Ben-Hur.



~Kay A.

*Pics edited by pixlr.


365 Days: Week 5

My mum's incredible honey sweetened tea.

Country jar. Made in America. That was a shocker.

Foggy day...

My niece in her own world.

Country walk


~Kay A.

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