Spot of tea, a crackling fire..


Hi. I just wanted to write. I used to write all the time on A Solitary Nook, but I now I just post pictures that I'm sure you don't care about seeing. ;) (For your information, I have neither tea before me, or a crackling fire crackling. I just thought "Spot of tea, a crackling fire..." sounded C.S. Lewis-ish.)

I've been trying to write a blog post for three days now, but nothing seems to be just right. And just so you know, I still haven't thought of anything to write.

So, I'm simply going to pull out a song I wrote a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy it! (Btw, this is really just a "first draft". It doesn't even have a title! I wrote it on a whim while playing my ukulele.)

Ukulele Song

Verse 1.
I have this sudden feeling, that things are changing.
And one day all inside me will be changed.
But it's just a feeling, just an inkling.
Nothing to fret about
Yet on second thought, maybe it is.
Maybe something drastic is about to take place

In this moment, it suddenly becomes clear. That to change this wretched creature,
it will take nothing less than a miracle.

You are everything pure and clean,
and everyday You are changing me.
Take what I have and strip me bare,
and fill this void with You.
... Make this reckless creature something holy.

Verse 2.
Take me deeper into Your heart,
take me past the outer court.
Never let conviction leave me, but lead me always.

Much amour!
~Kay A.