Hi! Since I got my new camera, I've been snapping pic after pic. Wanting to blog like crazy. But I've held myself at bay until I have at least enough good enough (pun intended ;) Lame, I know) photos to share with you. And I have. I hate blogging so closely together. Really, I do. But I love sharing pieces of my wonderful life. Anyway.

Thursday was my eldest sister's birthday. So we all headed to Olive Garden to celebrate. Then to Starbucks where we all got free drinks (thanks to Krysten! ;) ).

After starbucks we headed outdoors. and walked

A family pic. ;) (Sorry for the blur)

The moon was so pretty.

salt and pepper shakers I found in an old flea market. ;)

My clock from Hobby Lobby.

Best calendar in the world. No need to buy new ones every year.

I love decorating. See the tall green bottle with dried flowers and a ribbon? And my pen holder, which is simply a piece of bark from an old tree?

A book worth reading.

Old calendar pictures I hung up with string.

My sis hung up an old frame, then put a dried flower in the middle. (I'm really into dried flowers, as you might be able to tell)

Found this at a yard sale. So cute.

I love jamming sessions with my sis. ;)

Have a tres bon day!
~Kay A.