365 Days: Week 4

Rainy, groggy day..

Sweet face

Samwise Gamgee Jacksy

Best cupcakes out there. You can tell we've made them a bunch by the chocolate stains on the page.

Hot chocolate and a paper on a rainy day

Thoughts while doing school

Good old exercising..

while watching I Love Lucy

I know I'm always posting photos of sunsets, but lately they've just been breathtaking.

Side note. My family and I won't be going to Starbucks anytime soon. Couldn't even imagine going to a place that outright supports gay marriage and abortion. There's no way I could justify buying from there, thinking it's just coffee. Not when my money would be funding the killing of human life, or supporting the repulsive ungodliness of gay marriage. My money won't be going there.

Anyway, my apologies if these pictures are boring.. there just didn't seem like much to take pictures of this week. :)
~Kay A.

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