365 Days: Week 3

Hullo! Here's just a handful of pics from this week. Enjoy!

My dad climbing a tree. A tree that was directly hit by lightning.

Nicely stacked firewood.

I switched my camera for a vintage looking Olympus camera. Quite proud of it.

My lazy, slow town.

Does anyone else love flea markets??


Shy cows

My niece and I introducing ourselves to the shy creatures.


~Kay A.


  1. Gorgeous photos. What do you think of the Olympus? And...love all the Tolkien quotes. My husband read TLOR trilogy to me when we were dating. Sounds a bit cheesy now that they are blockbuster movies but this was before all that - and oh so romantic, since they were his favorite books from childhood. :)

  2. Hi Kailey. Thanks so much for taking part in the photo club on my blog... I just love your cow photo - the lighting is so perfect in it. Acutally, I'm seriously loving all these photos. Keep up the great work dear! x

  3. @GreatScott, thanks so much for visiting my blog! :)
    I really like the Olympus camera, mainly because I like the retro look of it. Also, the pictures come out clear and crisp... most of the time anyway. :)

    @Kris, thank you! I really enjoy your blog. What a fun picture idea! :)


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