365 Days: Week 2

I'mmmm Backkkk! With my random photo-a-day project.

I went walking to my fave place..

Writing and contemplating

Who doesn't love random family gatherings in a parking lot??

Lovely little gal. :)

My nephew and I. (Taken moments after he busted into tears by one look at my face)


Lovely sunset. (photo taken by my sis)

Random, but after years of putting it off, I finally watched Ben-Hur with my pap. Was a real good movie.

Beaucoup amore!
~Kailey A.

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  1. So lovely! :) You've inspired me to want to go on a walk!

    (p.s. I really liked Ben-Hur too! You should read to book, I think you'd enjoy it! :) )


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