365 Days: Week 4

Rainy, groggy day..

Sweet face

Samwise Gamgee Jacksy

Best cupcakes out there. You can tell we've made them a bunch by the chocolate stains on the page.

Hot chocolate and a paper on a rainy day

Thoughts while doing school

Good old exercising..

while watching I Love Lucy

I know I'm always posting photos of sunsets, but lately they've just been breathtaking.

Side note. My family and I won't be going to Starbucks anytime soon. Couldn't even imagine going to a place that outright supports gay marriage and abortion. There's no way I could justify buying from there, thinking it's just coffee. Not when my money would be funding the killing of human life, or supporting the repulsive ungodliness of gay marriage. My money won't be going there.

Anyway, my apologies if these pictures are boring.. there just didn't seem like much to take pictures of this week. :)
~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 3

Hullo! Here's just a handful of pics from this week. Enjoy!

My dad climbing a tree. A tree that was directly hit by lightning.

Nicely stacked firewood.

I switched my camera for a vintage looking Olympus camera. Quite proud of it.

My lazy, slow town.

Does anyone else love flea markets??


Shy cows

My niece and I introducing ourselves to the shy creatures.


~Kay A.


365 Days: Week 2

I'mmmm Backkkk! With my random photo-a-day project.

I went walking to my fave place..

Writing and contemplating

Who doesn't love random family gatherings in a parking lot??

Lovely little gal. :)

My nephew and I. (Taken moments after he busted into tears by one look at my face)


Lovely sunset. (photo taken by my sis)

Random, but after years of putting it off, I finally watched Ben-Hur with my pap. Was a real good movie.

Beaucoup amore!
~Kailey A.


365 Days: Week 1

So it begins, my 365 Days project inspired by one of my favorite blogs. My goal is to take a photo a day or two photos a day, or five photos a day, or no photos on a certain day for the entire year of 2012. I'll post photos once a week. This may bore some of my very few readers, but I'm happy about it.

I know I already posted a blog post covering the first two days of the new year. Therefore, I will start on day three of week one.

The weather was so sharp and chilly.

Our Valentine's, aka my birthday, decorations.

My pup and I took a walk.

My pup and I. Pic taken by my beloved sis.

'Tis lovely where I live.

Mum's homemade bread. the best

My pap's boots. My hard working, handsome pap.

Beautiful church in my town.

Love driving. Especially in the sunset.

Lovely old road on the way to our house. (This was not taken while driving... )


Side note, finished reading the Scarlet Letter yesterday. Extremely sad, enlightening, read-if-you're-not-already-sad, kind of book. Basically, the book is about sin without repentance, and the consequences of sin. 'Tis sad when one doesn't repent.

The weather has strangely been wonderfully warm with a slight breeze. Makes me think of summer.. barefeet, creeks, grilling, sweating, fields, laughing, swings, bike rides, happiness.

Have a lovely week!
~Kay A.

P.S. Stay tuned for 365 Days: Week 2 update!

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