this passed year

This year of 2012 has absolutely flown by so quickly... this past Christmas season has come and gone faster than I ever remember it doing..

I couldn't say that this has been my favorite year out of all my seventeen years, but it has been a pretty good one. Therefore, I'm going to share a favorite picture from each month of this year with a small (very small) recap of that month...  Cheers!

January was mostly uneventful.  We visited a farm (see above picture) and pretty much just meandered.  It was a happy, peaceful time.. oh, and I started a daily photo challenge which was later discarded in the middle of the year...

February I celebrated my seventeenth birthday (on valentine's day) and spent a week at TeenPact.  It was also a happy month..

March I got my senior pictures taken by my lovely sister and again life was calm and very, very happy.  Actually I really loved this month..

April we traded in cold air for summer weather, which then led my family on a trip to Branson.  That trip was oh so much fun..

May I graduated high school and went on another TeenPact trip. Was a very busy month..

June was very calm, which was perfect after the busyness of May.  My bubblegum picture above won grand prize in my local Fair.  I especially liked this quiet month.  Take a peek at my wonderful June. Oh, and we were also slowly preparing to move..

July was very busy.  I spent one week in Oklahoma campaigning for someone (which was incredibly, amazingly fun... and hot) and another week I was feeling very optimistic.

August was extremely busy with moving.  Quite obvious with only one post for the entire month.  This was also a very sad month, with my grandpa passing away.

September was quiet and peaceful again.  I learned deep life lessons while babysitting, watched a sunset, and found my future car.

October was busy and quaint.  I went to my first auction.  Had a jolly time swingin' and had a perfect sunday afternoon.

November was happy and full (excluding the election results).  This day sticks out to me especially.

December was a full and jolly month.  We spent a day at my Capitol.  Spent some time in Texas.  And had a wonderfully, happy Christmas.

And so..  night will come and tomorrow will dawn clear and bright.  This passed year will be just a memory in our minds.  Some memories gripped and held onto and some wished forgotten.

"It's a new year to praise the Lord and thank Him for His blessings." -my dad


christmas and snow

Well, Christmas is over and we had an almost white Christmas. Almost as in it started snowing when it was too dark to really see..

I happily spent the day with my lovely family. We opened gifts (many of them homemade), piled our plates to the very brim, shot each other with spud guns, and loudly cheered when the first snowflakes began to fall. We finished the day with a movie that I got for this year. The Long, Long Trailer is possibly the most humorous movie I've ever seen.

I hope your Christmas was full of many happy things!

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11


the clear sky

Yesterday the sky was very blue, mysterious, and clear.  I love clear skies.  
Have a happy sunday!


christmas time

(scroll down a bit and click play on the music box to the right)

This past week I, along with my family, traveled to Texas to see family.  We baked cookies and pies, ate at quaint cafes, talked, laughed, and ate way too much sugar.  Let's just say my 1200 calorie limit has been exceeded many times this week..

But that's just part of Christmas time, right?

P.S. My apologies for the dark quality of some of these pictures.  I had my camera set on a quirky setting.


capitol at sundown

Flag at half mast to honor the death of an Arkansas soldier killed in Afghanistan. 

It was nearly sundown as my family and I walked up the steps to see the front of the capitol. I remember feeling a bit leery and spied the crowd for anyone looking as if they were carrying a bomb or weapon of any kind (ha, I'm so dramatic). We, along with hundreds of others who made up the large crowd, were there to see the lights come on at our Capitol and when the lights did flick on a loud cheer broke forth.  'Twas lovely.

It was the first time, since before the terrible results of the election, that I felt patriotic.

P.S. I have thoroughly redesigned my blog.  How do you like it??

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