Passing Days..


Well, though nothing extraordinary has happened lately, I thought I would still share a few pics of some things I like and such... *warning may be a tad bit boring

Though it's not winter or Christmas time yet, I still sat out my little snowman.

This was taken awhile back, but I love it..

hehe, my sis found this lil gem in an old flea market

Some of the best chocolate out there... for real.

darling old church

So, a few days ago my family went out to an old park and snapped some family pictures. This is our old-times don't smile pic.. (As you can see, my mum failed at making the "serious" face...)

Cutest parents out there.. :)

Happy family

Then my nieces came over to play..

Random Fact-- I have exactly three nieces and three nephews and I love them all very, very much! ;)

I hope your day is très bon!
~Kay. A

P.S. The current background is not permanent, I'm not sure I quite like it...


  1. Hi Kailey, thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. You have a really cute family. And I love your red dress! xx

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