Busy nothings..


Hi. I've been busy with really nothing of spectacular interest. Excepting, of course, Thanksgiving and happy random days.
So, I shall share a few pictures with you!

On one of our warm supposed to be cold kind of days, I headed outdoors, with my pup in tow, to my favorite place....
*random. But sometimes you just need to brush up on some history
My family and I went to Little Rock to spend Thanksgiving with my grandma, papa, aunt, uncle, and lovely cousins. This is just a snapshot I took of my niece's darling shoes.
And of course, we had to jump on the trampoline.
Then Christmas decorating... my absolute favorite.
And then, oh joy, it snowed! In Arkansas! In November! Ahhh, lovely.
Current book I'm reading. Not the easiest book to read, but very intriguing.

Au revoir!
~Kay A.

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  1. I am envious that you received snow! :) I love yall's tree! :)

    Merry Christmas! :)