Balmy Drives, Pumpkin Steamers, Autumn Weather...


Sunday, after church, my family and I went on a balmy drive through some Arkansas hills. "Arkansas hills" may sound pretty hick, but instead of thinking thus, a picturesque view of rolling mountains, red and yellow bright leaves falling from tall trees, and old country churches should be appearing in your mind. If I never do move to England, Arkansas will always claim my residence. My sister also snapped a few senior pics of me, but I won't share any. Personally, it feels rather awkward posting pictures of myself.
ANYWAY, some pics from the balmy ride.

happy autumn trees and leaves
Lovely old church
My vintage clock necklace
My pumpkin steamer I sipped while writing this post. It was heavenly
Okay, okay. I did say I wouldn't post any pictures of myself. But I love random pics and this one is pretty random. So anyway. This is me, swapping a bug.

Thanks for reading! (And please ignore the dark figure in the first two pics. ;) )
~Kay A.