Jolly ol' England...


Well, this may sound strange. But when I grow up, I want to move to England and buy a mysterious cottage in the quaint town of Castle Combe. Wouldn't it feel absolutely incredible to step into a different country and call it home?? Don't get me wrong, I love America and it shall always be my true homeland, but oooh dear me! (I know, I'm speaking as if I really am going to move there, but who knows! Perhaps???)

Castle Combe... though I have never been there, the pictures I have seen of that place have sent shivers through me and made me all giddy inside.

Ooooh, and my Oxford shoes would just blend in perfectly there!

Anyway, here is a darling cottage I found whilst browsing through Castle Combe houses.


And here are two pictures of that oh so darling town of Castle Combe...

I shall depart! But I just had to share my crazy dream, and these darling pictures of this darling town. And if you've been there.... you. are. lucky.

Chat later mates!
~Kay A.