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Hullo friends and any random human reading this post (I'll be your friend too!), I hope at this moment you have a warm cup of tea before you and that your chair is comfy, for this post may be a tad bit long.
It's been very long since I've last written on this neglected blog. Truth is, I haven't been inspired to write anything. Even now I don't have that churning within, that churning which is so full of inspiration.
I live in the country. (Random, but stick with me ) The country has its many, many pros. One of them being my mum's large, organic garden. Just this morning she made scrambled eggs mixed with peppers, tomatoes and herbs from her garden and yes, it was incredible.
And another thing... haybales. My favorite pasttime is grabbing a notebook, and a good book, and wandering through the woods to find rolls upon rolls of haybales. Lined up imperfectly (which really makes it perfect!), and smelling nice and fresh. I jump up on them (which may look pretty hilarious) and search for the one that's deepest in the woods. Once I spot it I walk across the rolls of haybales and plop down.
I just recently finished reading a book called the Shepherd of the Hills. And well, to put it lightly... you need to read it.
Anyway, it's one of those books that needs to be read outdoors, opposed to indoors.
So...., I read this book sitting on a haybale overlooking green fields and trees and ponds. With the birds flitting back and forth singing their tune. And yes, I did get very frustrated with a bug that refused to leave my presence.
Oh and the light breeze that rushes against my face and through my hair, while big bumble bees lazily buzz by. What could possibly be better??
Once I lay the book aside and just watch God's creation I realize how perfect it is. And how all of creation, in everything it does, is continually composing its song to its Creator. The Creator of Heaven and Earth. It's just so perfect.
I remember staring at one big tree that was near the haybale that I was sitting on and thinking, It is praising God, just by standing there quietly and still or waving its huge branches making colorful leaves float to the green ground. It is praising Him.
ooooooh. It just seems almost impossible to put into mere words the perfectness of it. And now I'm pretty much at a loss for words.

Farewell and so long!
~Kay A.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Kailey! It makes me very wishful that we still lived in the county.
    After reading your post, I had the impulse to nod my head and say "Pete Knows." :)

    Have a great day!